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Your home away from home

Your home away from home


by Golden Care

Porziuncola by Golden Care is a new 400-bedded care home in Madliena that plans to officially open its doors to the public in October 2023. The private investment covers the design, building and operation of an elderly care home, situated in a quiet and tranquil area with stunning, unrestricted sea views. The care facility will house 200 twin-bedded rooms with balconies and ensuite bathrooms. The care home’s design accommodates within it various multipurpose rooms, lobbies on each floor and common areas where social activities and events can be conducted, depending on the type of care required. The main goal behind this, is to offer residents a safe yet dignified home-like ambience rather than an institutional care setting, which is also in line with our mantra to provide our clients with a ‘home away from home’. In fact, the care home will be surrounded by open spaces, idyllic gardens, and landscaping for all residents to enjoy. The care home will be providing a wide spectrum of services for the elderly including but not limited to, long-term care services, respite, and rehab, as well as dementia/memory care services.

Our Progress

Porziuncola by Golden Care is being developed thanks to an investment by a team of multidisciplinary professionals in the sector all with the scope of delivering a holistic patient centred care model that respects the client’s experience, values, needs and preferences in the planning, co-ordination, and delivery of care. Below you can find a timeline showcasing the latest progress in the development of this new care home.

Our End Goal

A 400-bedded care home in Madliena that will officially open its doors in October 2023 and will accommodate multipurpose rooms, lobbies, common areas, open spaces, idyllic gardens and more, with a specific focus on dementia/memory care services.

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